ChemoPower Technology: The Authority for Chemical Composition Analysis

Importance of Chemical Composition Analysis

Chemical mixtures are present in various aspects of our daily lives, from the food we eat, water we drink and the items we use. Therefore, understanding the chemical composition of a mixture, especially complex mixtures with unknown chemicals, can provide invaluable insights which we can use to further our R&D, ensure product quality and safety, etc. The importance of chemical composition analysis cannot be underestimated. This was especially true when 2015 Nobel Prize Winner, Ms. Youyou Tu, in her effort to find novel ways to eradicate Malaria when the traditional treatment by chloroquine or quinine was failing, turned to analyze the chemical composition of traditional herbal medicine for possible solutions. Tu managed to identify that the active component, known as Artemisinin extracted from Artemisia annua, was highly effective against the Malaria parasite, both in infected animals and in humans. Artemisinin turned out to be a new class of antimalarial agents that rapidly kill the Malaria parasites at an early stage of their development, and was highly potent in treating severe Malaria.

Current Practice

Mass spectrometry is a common analytical technique used to identify the chemical compositions present in a mixture. However, for this technique, compounds of similar molecular properties tend to show up in the mass spectrum as co-eluted, where the peaks of the compounds are mixed together. This makes it difficult to differentiate individual compound within these peaks, necessitating complex and expensive pre-treatment of the sample to physically separate the compounds. The pre-treatment usually requires the operator to be highly skilled in operating the equipment and has extensive chemistry knowledge about the dynamics of the compounds in the mixture. In addition, current techniques are unable to determine the composition of an absolutely unknown mixture if no prior information is available to analyze the data. Therefore, either an experienced scientist had to rely on their experience to devise elaborate strategies to identify these unknown compounds or they are ignored from the results totally.

ChemoPower’s Solution: Online Chemical Analysis System (patented)

To this end, ChemoPower developed a software which uses mathematical models to reconstruct pure components’ spectra and its concentration without prior information, using solely experimental data without any simulation or peak matching. This enables us to rapidly and digitally differentiate the individual peaks of the compounds that appeared co-eluted in the results. Our solution is built on the foundation of chemometrics: mathematical techniques based on statistics and optimization method to find local/global optima of a system and is crystallized from the knowledge of 200+ International Journals on chemometrics related algorithms. The founding team was awarded the Gold Award for the High Performance Computing (HPC) Quest 2003 in Singapore, hosted by IBM.

Advantages of Our Online Chemical Analysis System (OCAS):

By using OCAS, users worldwide can upload their experimental data onto OCAS and receive a report of our analysis via a few clicks of the mouse. Users can find pure components and their respective concentrations from the mixture peaks, which were either unable to be analyzed by current technology or very costly and time consuming to do so.

  • Time Savings: Time required to obtain the separated peaks is reduced by up to 100 times.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: Allows users to identify unknown components in mixtures without any a priori information which the existing methods are incapable of.
  • Simplify Processes: The software simplifies and automates the analysis process such that results can be obtained by a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Universal Compatibility: The software can process data obtained from GC-MS or LC-MS from across 7 major brands.
  • Available on Cloud, 24/7: Due to the elimination the need for physical separation of the chemical compounds, anyone can obtain the chemical analysis results anytime, anywhere by accessing our online system.
  • Cost Savings: Our software complements inexpensive equipment to produce high quality results and thus eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment, resulting in low cost of running the equipment for chemical analysis. Furthermore, as our software is intuitive and simple to use, there is no need to hire highly qualified professionals to conduct the chemical analysis. Instead, anyone with basic equipment knowledge will be able to do the job just as well.
Areas of Application:

The principles of Technology are universally compatible with existing equipment and is fundamental to any industry which needs to identify chemical compounds within a mixture, such as Traditional Medicine, Food, Cosmetic, Environment and Pharmaceutical.