Management Team


Dr. George Zhang

Dr. Zhang has 20 years of experience in education and R&D and is the CEO and Founder of ChemoPower. Dr. Zhang got his PhD in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore, and holds two Master’s degrees. His research and work experience covers various fields including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials, Mathematics, Software Programming, and Electricity. Dr. Zhang is an Adjunct Investigator and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mentor of National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research institute. His multi-disciplinary educational background enabled him to create the essence of the company’s core technologies. Dr. Zhang is also the Chairman of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association in Singapore (IEASG), Advisor of Zhejiang University Alumni Association of Singapore, He also has extensive government and business relations throughout China and is appointed as the technology adviser and consultant of a number of local Chinese government offices.