September 27, 2016

Management Team


Mr. Chan

Dr. George Zhang

Dr. Zhang has 20 years of experience in education and R&D and is the CTO and Founder of ChemoPower. Dr. Zhang got his PhD in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore, and holds two Master’s degrees. His research and work experience covers various fields including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials, Mathematics, Software Programming, and Electricity. Dr. Zhang is an Adjunct Investigator and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mentor of National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research institute. His multi-disciplinary educational background enabled him to create the essence of the company’s core technologies. Dr. Zhang is also the Chairman of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association in Singapore (IEASG), Advisor of Zhejiang University Alumni Association of Singapore, He also has extensive government and business relations throughout China and is appointed as the technology adviser and consultant of a number of local Chinese government offices.


Lab Manager
Dr. Yuri Kostetski


Dr. Yuri Kostetski has an educational background in Physics/Spectroscopy and more than 30 years of comprehensive experience in R&D/Management. He has worked in universities, and private research companies; has more than 40 scientific publications. His professional qualities, hands-on style of leadership, communication skills and lifelong learning attitude allow him successfully work as Laboratory Manager of Chemopower Technology.



R&D Manager
Dr. Mabel Lv


Dr. Lv is the Research and Development Manager of Chemopower Technology. She graduated with her PhD degree from National University of Singapore. She has more than 8 years of research experience with multidisciplinary research background in chemistry, physics and material science. Her diverse research experience and multidisciplinary background enabled her to be responsible for R & D in the company. She is also active in social activities and has more than 2 years of management experience in societies.


Research Specialist
Dr. Chua CK


Dr. Chua is a Specialist. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a PhD in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. He has 8 years of extensive research experience in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and materials science. He has a H-index of 23 and co-authored 63 research articles in top international peer-reviewed journals.


Mr Adec

Biz. Devt. Manager Mr. Adec Thng


Mr. Adec Thng is the Business Development Manager and oversees the management, strategy, operations and corporate development aspects of the company. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and subsequently a Masters in Supply Chain Management. Prior to joining ChemoPower Technologies, he had 5 years of experience in the public sector with involvement in large scale projects such as managing the setup of FedEx APAC Regional Hub in Singapore, the largest facility in this region. He was also the co-founder of 3 previous startups.