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ChemoPower at SSMS Day 2018

On 16th August, ChemoPower Technology attended SSMS Day 2018, an annual seminar and sharing session organized by the Singapore Society for Mass Spectrometry. While at the sharing session, our team led by Dr. George Zhang held a booth explaining the … Read More

What ChemoPower Found in Dang Gui (当归)

An Intern, Wei Jun, from Singapore Polytechnic has examine the chemical constituents of different types of Dang Gui at different price points to see whether they correlate to each other. It was found out that Dang Gui consists of 2 … Read More

ChemoPower Building the World’s Largest Molecule Database for Food and Herbs

For many centuries, the molecular information of natural herbs mostly remained unknown. And because of this, there is a huge gap between herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals. For pharmaceuticals, we know the contents of drugs very well, such as the active … Read More

Citrus Fruit Scent – Is it good?

Does your refrigerator smell bad? Whenever that happens, have you ever considered throwing in a few pieces of orange peels to combat the smell? We all know that orange peels work like magic and will also leave behind its fragrant citrus … Read More

Orange Peel: Safe to Eat?

Oranges are the world’s most popular citrus fruit, and were the 5th-most harvested fruit in 2016. In fact, orange peel is widely known to be more nutrient-rich than even the flesh! However, eating orange peel is not as common in … Read More

Publication in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

We are happy to announce our latest publication in one of the world’s highly regarded journals, the Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. This is yet another affirmation that our technology is considered to be cutting-edge when it comes to detecting and … Read More

Sharing session with Temasek Polytechnic

ChemoPower was invited to introduce our technology to the staff of Temasek Polytechnic. The topic of modernizing traditional medicines was a particularly interesting one as more than 30 staff from different fields attended sharing session and raised many interesting questions, … Read More

Practical Applications of Technology: Investigating Jackfruit Aroma

Jackfruit flesh has a distinct fruity aroma, which is known for increasing in intensity as the fruit ripens. The ripe and unripe fruits are eaten very differently: unripe jackfruit is often eaten as a vegan substitute for pulled pork, while … Read More

ChemoPower Taking Huge Strides in the China Market by Partnering Shimadzu China

Following up with the collaboration with Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) this year, ChemoPower Technology is proud to announce that we have also reach an agreement with Shimadzu (China)  to promote our software to their customers in China. Our collaborations with both … Read More

‘SmartDalton Lite’ Software for Light users

ChemoPower has released an easy-to-use SmartDalton de-convolution software, known as ‘SmartDalton Lite’. This lite version is designed for users who are not required to do deconvolution or find (ultra) trace components regularly. With similar capabilities as the SmartDalton, the Lite … Read More