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ChemoPower Invited to Present at the 12th Shimadzu Corporation Mass Spectrometry User Academic Exchange Conference

On November 21, 2018, the 12th Shimadzu Corporation Mass Spectrometry User Academic Exchange Conference was held at the Jingji Bay Hotel in Dameisha, Shenzhen. More than 230 experts and scholars from life sciences, food safety, environmental protection and other fields … Read More

Celebrating ChemoPower’s Milestone

In Nov 2018, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of one of ChemoPower’s first employees, Mao Hai Yan. ChemoPower had come a long way from Dr Zhang working on the technology single-handedly in his home, to successfully bringing together a capable … Read More

ChemoPower selected as one of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 Deeptech Startups

We’ve been selected as one of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 deeptech startups from over 4,500 applications from 119 countries! The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a worldwide renowned science & technology startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across … Read More

Exploring Chuan Xiong(川芎)

Doesn’t this herb look like ginger? Well, it is not ginger, its Chuan Xiong! Chuan Xiong when sliced has a big, firm yellow and white cross-section that is similar to ginger when it is sliced.   There are 2 main … Read More

Processes matter when preparing Fu Pian(附片)

Have you ever drank a TCM herbal decoction? Chances are that you have stumbled upon this Chinese herb. This herb is called Fu Pian and it is in 13.2% of 500 known Chinese herbal formulas! We found out that different … Read More

Noni Smell, Deciphered

Noni, also known as cheesefruit or the Indian mulberry,  is a fruit that many people have seen before, even if they do not realize it. While it is not usually eaten in Singapore due to its strong smell, many noni … Read More

ChemoPower Selected for SLINGSHOT@SWITCH 2018

We are proud to announce that we are amongst the TOP 80 promising startups from across the globe selected by Startup SG to pitch at SLINGSHOT@SWITCH. SLINGSHOT@SWITCH powered by Startup SG is a globally recognized event jointly supported by prestigious international … Read More

ChemoPower Visits Shimadzu US

  Aside from meeting USP and NIST, our visit to the US proved to be an even more fruitful one as we also get the chance to meet with Dr Linda Kidder-Yarlott, the Strategic Product Leader representing Shimadzu US. It was indeed … Read More

ChemoPower visits NIST Headquarters

On 22nd August, following our successful meeting at USP, our ChemoPower team paid a visit to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. NIST is an American laboratory that specializes in measurement science and the development … Read More

ChemoPower Presents At USP’s USA Headquarters

On 20th August, ChemoPower was invited by USP (United States Pharmacopeia) to present at their headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. USP is the publisher of the annual drug data compendium of the same name, which establishes the quality standards applicable to … Read More