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ChemoPower Did Good Research!

As an company, ChemoPower has published 7 peer reviewed paper for the last three years. Our publications are most on GCMS and LCMS data analyses with our unique algorithms. Commonly a company like ChemoPower is very difficult to publish paper … Read More

ChemoPower Releases SmartDalton for High-Resolution Mass Spectra

After 2 years R&D, ChemoPower Released its SmartDalton HR software for High Resolution Mass  Spectra. With its many newly developed algorithms, The SmartDalton HR is much faster in dealing with big data size and can display 3D graph in very … Read More

ChemoPower as NIST 2020 Mass Spectra Library Distributor

Mass Spectrometry Data Center of National institutre of Standards and Technology (NIST) of US Department of Commerce has released the NIST 2020 and will be sale to end customs soon. As a NIST 2017 Distributor, ChemoPower continuously as a distributor … Read More

Multi-Compound Quality Assessment Method for Cordyceps

Support By Singapore govenment agency Enterprise Singapore (ESG),  ChemoPower has worked with SinChong Meheco Ltd (Singapore) and developed a Quality Assessment Method for Cordyceps. Sinchong is also known as the Cordyceps specialist in Singapore. By this accessment method, SinChong and costomes … Read More

ChemoPower worked with Tiger Balm

Recently, ChemoPower used its advanced chemical analyses technology to working with Tiger Balm (Singapore) on finding impurities for their product. By using ChemoPower’s technology, Tiger Balm can save much on it R&D spending yet made much fast progree. we also … Read More

ChemoPower will Setup ‘International Innovation Center for Chinese Medicine Industry’ with other parties in Guangzhou, China

On 2 Nov 2019, forum of ‘首届全球中医药产业传承与发展高峰论坛’  (The 1st Global Chinese Medicine Industry Heritage and Development Summit )was hold by in Guangzhou, China.  During this forum, ChemoPower has signed agreement with other parties to set up ‘International Innovation Center for … Read More

CCIC Singapore working with ChemoPower

CCIC Singapore and ChemoPower just Signed a MOU to work together on new emerging market of Traditional Medicine. We are working towards a trading center for all kinds of traditional medicines raw materials based on Scientific Index and Futures market … Read More

Directorship Change in ChemoPower

Mr. Chan Cheh Shin is no longer a director of ChemoPower  effect from 1 oct. 2019. No one has the right to raise Fund for ChemoPower now!

ChemoPower Setup Singapore Standards for TCMs

ChemoPower has commenced work on the development of Singapore Standards for various traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products with the support from government agencies of Singapore. This is the first step towards establishing a TCM trading hub and Futures trading platform. … Read More

New Partnership Sin Chong aims to develop World’s First Quality Assessment Index for Cordyceps

Hot on the heels of our recent partnership with Beng Kang, ChemoPower is now teaming up with another Singaporean behemoth in the Traditional Medicines industry, Sin Chong, to develop a Quality Assessment Index for Cordyceps. Cordyceps are well known in … Read More