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New Partnership Sin Chong aims to develop World’s First Quality Assessment Index for Cordyceps

Hot on the heels of our recent partnership with Beng Kang, ChemoPower is now teaming up with another Singaporean behemoth in the Traditional Medicines industry, Sin Chong, to develop a Quality Assessment Index for Cordyceps. Cordyceps are well known in … Read More

Putting ChemoPower on the Global Map of Chemometrics

ChemoPower’s participation in the annual SSC16 conference had successfully concluded. It was a genuinely proud moment for ChemoPower to be able to share our technology and applications to the chemometrics community. We are happy to share the fruits of our … Read More

ChemoPower Partners Beng Kang to develop World’s First Quality Assessment Index for Moxa herbs

  We are happy to announce that ChemoPower has teamed up with Beng Kang, a Singapore company with more than 20 years of history in the traditional medicines scene,  to develop the world’s first Quality Assessment Index for Moxa herbs. Strongly … Read More

Progressing the TCM Industry with the Singapore Chinese Medicines And Health Products Merchant Association

We had the honor of meeting the President and members of the Singapore Chinese Medicines And Health Products Merchant Association (新加坡中国医药保健品商会). We had a fruitful discussion on how we can blend technology with Traditional and Complementary Medicines (TCM) to boost … Read More

ChemoPower is a Proud Sponsor of The SSC16 Conference, Chemometrics in Action

Chemometrics is the core of ChemoPower’s technologies and hence, the namesake ChemoPower. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we are one of the main sponsors for the upcoming SSC16 Conference, Chemometrics in Action, which will be held in Oslo, … Read More

Power Tenas joined ChemoPower’s increasing List of Esteemed Users

ChemoPower Technology is happy to announce that we have added Power Tenas Sdn Bhd as one of our esteemed users of our full suite of SmartDalton software. To enhanced their existing analytical capabilities to better serve their clients, Power Tenas … Read More

ChemoPower will be at Pittcon Conference & Expo 2019!

Pittcon is one of the largest and most comprehensive conferences in the world that brings together experts from all over the world to stay connected to and be up-to-date on significant findings, new instrumentation technology and latest research and developments … Read More

Medicinal Cigars? (艾灸条)

These cigar-shaped sticks are called moxa sticks (艾灸条)! It is made out of Chinese mugwort, which is also known as Artemisia argyi. Moxa sticks are used in moxibustion and it has been used to prevent and cure diseases for more … Read More

Are COKE and PEPSI the Same??

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two of the world’s most popular soft drinks, and most people have developed a preference for one or the other. When asked about their choice, many would describe the difference in taste between the two drinks, … Read More

China Mass Spectrometry Academic Conference 2018

In order to promote the development of China’s mass spectrometry industry and enhance the international academic status and influence of China’s mass spectrometry, the Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society, the Chinese Chemical Society Mass Spectrometry Professional Committee, and the China Instrument … Read More