About Us

Company Profile

ChemoPower Technology (分子信息科技) is established in Singapore since 2013 and includes a team consisting of software engineers, engineers and scientists who share a passion for simplifying chemical analysis. One third of our team members are Ph.D. degree holders.

Our proprietary chemical analysis technologies offer greater accuracy and speed than current technologies. Our technologies are applicable to a broad spectrum of modern chemical analysis including pharmaceutical, traditional medicine, environmental, food as well as for rapid quality assurance and quality control assessments.

We have expanded our operation to China and is actively increasing our exposure to both developed and emerging markets to spur our growth. We also build effective collaborations and partnerships with various government bodies, global and local enterprises as well as institutes of high learning to drive our mission forward. At ChemoPower Technology, we consistently build up a robust intellectual property portfolio to enhance our competitive position and protect our core innovation and technology. We are committed to actively pursue patent protection and publications for inventions arising from research and development activities with our collaborators and partners.

Company Strategy

Modernize Traditional Medicine through Evidence-Based Science

We make bold and strategic moves to establish ourselves as a leader in the modernization of Traditional Medicine (TM). By implementing our proprietary technologies to obtain comprehensive chemical compositions of TM, we hope to improve the quality of regulations on TM as well as to increase the acceptance and foster greater consumer trust on TM.

We thus stand by our mission to modernize traditional medicine through evidence-based science.

One of our great visions is to establish a Traditional Medicine Information-Technology Center and we envisage the center to be:

    • (a) a globally recognized resource with a comprehensive databank for the chemical compositions of TM;
    • (b) a global hub for big data analysis of TM;
    • (c) at the forefront of the discovery of new compounds or active ingredients in TM;
    • (d) an authority for TM quality assurance and quality control standards.

In the closer future, we also strive to enact a Chemical Analysis Platform that will provide rapid chemical analysis capability for metabolomics studies, generic drugs analysis and biomarker discovery studies. Further implementation of the platform in the form of a portable GC-MS equipment will be pursued in the longer term.