ChemoPower Did Good Research!

As an company, ChemoPower has published 7 peer reviewed paper for the last three years. Our publications are most on GCMS and LCMS data analyses with our unique algorithms.

Commonly a company like ChemoPower is very difficult to publish paper since journal reviewers commonly will not bellieve that companies can do good research! Also ChemoPower is developing an hard-to-believe technology so that difficult to convince reviewers only by something writen on paper. luckly, the two recent paper published on International Journal of Mass Spectrometry had our SmartDalton software mentioned on paper, which is recommended by reviewers after they tried our SmartDalton software. We have an see-to-believe technology! 🙂

The Published Paper Listed as follows:

  1. Chua, C. K., Lv, Y., Zhao, W., Ren, Y., & Zhang, H. J. (2020). Improving annotation of known-unknowns with accurately reconstructed mass spectra. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 451.
  2. Zhang, H. J., Lv, Y., Chua, C. K., Guo, T., Sun, Z., & Zhan, Z. (2020). Mass spectral reconstruction of LC/MS data with entropy minimization. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 116359.
  3. Lu, B., Lv, Y., Du, F. L., Chua, C. K., & Zhang, H. J. (2019). Lower limit of detection achieved by raw band-target entropy minimization (rBTEM) for trace and coeluted gas chromatography-mass spectrometry components. Analytical Letters, 52(10).
  4. Chua, C. K., Lu, B., Lv, Y., Gu, X. Y., Di Thng, A., & Zhang, H. J. (2018). An optimized band-target entropy minimization for mass spectral reconstruction of severely co-eluting and trace-level components. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 410(25).
  5. Lu, B., Lv, Y., Chua, C. K., & Zhang, H. J. (2017). Elimination of Matrix Interferences in GC-MS Analysis of Pesticides by Entropy Minimization. Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, 64(7).
  6. Chua, C. K., Lv, Y., Zhang, H. J., & Gu, X. Y. (2017). Dynamic background noise removal from overlapping GC-MS peaks: Via an entropy minimization algorithm. Analytical Methods, 9(18).
  7. Lin, G.-C., Long, H.-R., Zhang, H.-J., Ji, X.-W., Lu, B., & Gu, X.-Y. (2015). Analysis of unknown components in rose essential oil by entropy minimization algorithm. Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society, 36(5).
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