ChemoPower Releases SmartDalton for High-Resolution Mass Spectra

After 2 years R&D, ChemoPower Released its SmartDalton HR software for High Resolution Mass  Spectra. With its many newly developed algorithms, The SmartDalton HR is much faster in dealing with big data size and can display 3D graph in very a quick manner, and it can be run on a normal laptop. By combinating with NIST 2020 mass library, SmartDalton HR is a  very powerful tools in interpreting the HR Mass Spectra and find trace components in seconds. SmartDalton is one-of-the-kind software in the world.

SmarDalton supoort all kinds of data format from all major LCMS instruments, they are format of mzData, mzXML, mzM and XML.

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