Multi-Compound Quality Assessment Method for Cordyceps

Support By Singapore govenment agency Enterprise Singapore (ESG),  ChemoPower has worked with SinChong Meheco Ltd (Singapore) and developed a Quality Assessment Method for Cordyceps. Sinchong is also known as the Cordyceps specialist in Singapore. By this accessment method, SinChong and costomes can easily identify the quality of cordyceps by scientific and trustable approach!

Current analyses method on Chinese Phamacopia for cordyceps only detected one compound (Adenosine, C10H13N5O4), which is not relyable for industrial applications and is difficult in proventing the fake cordyceps. The analyses method developed by ChemoPower uses 29 compounds to indentify a cordyceps, which is much relyable and easy to stop fake cordyceps.

The Criteria for Determine a Authentic Cordyceps are:

and unique two isomers found in the gas phase of Cordyceps are


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