New Partnership Sin Chong aims to develop World’s First Quality Assessment Index for Cordyceps

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Hot on the heels of our recent partnership with Beng Kang, ChemoPower is now teaming up with another Singaporean behemoth in the Traditional Medicines industry, Sin Chong, to develop a Quality Assessment Index for Cordyceps. Cordyceps are well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have been used for centuries to treat many health ailments. Studies have suggested that Cordyceps have the potential to improve heart health and fight inflammation, cancer, diabetes and aging. These claims make Cordyceps one of the most popular Traditional Medicines amongst consumers. As a result, together with its rarity, one gram of a good quality Cordyceps could fetch up to S$200 in the market! This is also the reason why there are many unscrupulous businesses passing off fake herbs as Cordyceps. 

Sin Chong, dubbed the “Cordyceps Specialist”, has always been searching for ways to determine the quality of their Cordyceps for the benefit of their consumers. For instance, in 2007, they started packing their Cordyceps into standard weight packaging and clearly displaying the number of pieces in each pack. As the weight and size of each Cordyceps generally correlated to its quality (i.e. the thicker the larva body, the stronger the effect), packing in such a manner would give their customers a good gauge of the overall quality of the Cordyceps in each pack.

However, Sin Chong is aware that basing on the physical attributes of Cordyceps is not a reliable way to establish the quality. A more scientific method has to be developed. And it is with this in mind that both Sin Chong and ChemoPower, and with strong support from Singapore Government, both committed a six figure sum to develop the world’s first Quality Assessment Index. This index will be the most scientific way to ensure that the Cordyceps are authentic as well as of good quality. For this partnership, we will use ChemoPower’s proprietary software, SmartDaltonTM and MoleculeDB, to dive deep down to examine all the chemicals that are released from a huge variety of Cordyceps in the market and determine which of them are beneficial to health. The amount of beneficial chemicals present will then form the basis of the Quality Assessment Index and help us to determine the quality of the Cordyceps products subsequently.

With the Quality Assessment Index, consumers will ultimately benefit from the clarity on the quality of the Cordyceps products. The Index will provide consumers with a more scientific way to understand the health benefits of the products in the market, giving them more confidence in buying and consuming the products. Also, consumers can have a better gauge of the price they are paying relative to the quality. 


The 2 projects that ChemoPower has with Beng Kang and Sin Chong will be the catalyst for us to establish an all-encompassing Quality Assessment System for the entire Traditional Medicines industry. The goal is to enhance the trust of consumers in Traditional Medicines and promote the adoption of Traditional Medicines in the health care market such that they are widely accepted by the people all over the world. This will be a huge effort and we are happy to have the strong support of the Singapore Government to modernize the Traditional Medicines industry using our technology.

Founded in 1992 by members of the Singapore Chinese Medicines & Health Products Merchant Association, Sinchong Meheco Ltd was established with the aim of propagating the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, Sinchong has evolved into a one–stop integrated TCM and healthcare centre offering over 3,500 kinds of premium medicinal herbs, Chinese proprietary medicines, health supplements, healthcare equipment, and TCM clinics for consultation services. Sinchong is often referred to as the “Cordyceps Specialist”, as its signature product – China’s well-known and trademarked Tianbao Brand cordyceps, is one of the best graded cordyceps in the market by its superior quality and absolute genuine guaranteed.

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