ChemoPower Partners Beng Kang to develop World’s First Quality Assessment Index for Moxa herbs


We are happy to announce that ChemoPower has teamed up with Beng Kang, a Singapore company with more than 20 years of history in the traditional medicines scene,  to develop the world’s first Quality Assessment Index for Moxa herbs. Strongly supported by the Singapore Government, Enterprise Singaporeboth parties have committed a six figure amount towards this collaboration. This project aligns with the overall strategic interests of Singapore to modernize the traditional medicines industry in Singapore. The Health Ministry of Singapore believes that traditional medicines have an important role to play in keeping Singaporeans healthy, such as in addressing diabetes. 

Moxibustion therapy as an important component in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicines, and Moxa products are traditionally used together with acupuncture needles. For this partnership, we will use ChemoPower’s proprietary software, SmartDaltonTM and MoleculeDB, to dive deep down to examine all the chemicals that are released during the therapy and determine which of them are beneficial to health. The amount of beneficial chemicals present will then help us to determine the quality of the Moxa products in the market, and forms the basis of the Quality Assessment Index.

 With the Quality Assessment Index, consumers will ultimately benefit from the clarity on the quality of the Moxa products. The Index will provide consumers with a more scientific way to understand the health benefits of the products in the market, giving them more confidence in buying and consuming the products. Also, consumers can have a better gauge of the price they are paying relative to the quality.

The joint development efforts by ChemoPower and Beng Kang will just be the start of the establishment of an all-encompassing Quality Assessment System for the entire Traditional Medicines industry. The goal is to enhance the trust of consumers in Traditional Medicines and promote the adoption of Traditional Medicines in the health care market such that they are widely accepted by the people all over the world. The Singapore government’s funding support for the project also shows that Singapore place a strong focus on modernizing the Traditional Medicines industry using new technology and encourages Singaporean companies to take advantage of this emerging market.

Beng Kang Import & Export (“Beng Kang”) was set up in 1994 and specialises in a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products such as acupuncture products, cupping products and traditional physical therapy equipment. Their mission is to support and build the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) in the region. Beng Kang is also a member of the Chinese Medicines and Health Products Merchant Association.

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