China Mass Spectrometry Academic Conference 2018

In order to promote the development of China’s mass spectrometry industry and enhance the international academic status and influence of China’s mass spectrometry, the Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society, the Chinese Chemical Society Mass Spectrometry Professional Committee, and the China Instrument and Control Institute Analytical Instrument Branch Mass Spectrometry Instruments jointly organized the “2018 China Mass Spectrometry Academic Conference”. It was held in Guangzhou on November 23-26, 2018 and the theme of this year’s conference was “The New Era of Chinese Mass Spectrometry”.

In line with the theme of the conference, ChemoPower was invited to present to the audience about our proprietary technology that could be revolutionize the industry. Our technology was well received by the audience. Building on this, we will carry on the good work which we have done in China to further drive our presence in one of the world’s largest market for the mass spectrometry industry.


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