ChemoPower Visits Shimadzu US


Aside from meeting USP and NIST, our visit to the US proved to be an even more fruitful one as we also get the chance to meet with Dr Linda Kidder-Yarlott, the Strategic Product Leader representing Shimadzu US. It was indeed our pleasure to have this opportunity to link up with Shimadzu’s US representatives and showcase our technologies, SmartDalton and MoleculeDB to them personally.

Despite securing MoUs with Shimadzu China and Shimadzu Asia Pacific, North America remains the top market for analytical instruments. Hence, needless to say, it is a matter of time that we consider entering this market. Having Shimadzu US as a strategic partner will give us a formidable advantage towards our goal.

We will be continuing this conversation with Shimadzu US and we hope to establish a long term relationship with them.

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