ChemoPower visits NIST Headquarters

On 22nd August, following our successful meeting at USP, our ChemoPower team paid a visit to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. NIST is an American laboratory that specializes in measurement science and the development of standards, and is the global authority in Mass Spectrometry, with their Mass Spectral (MS) library depended on by countless of multi-national companies worldwide for their processes.

While at NIST HQ, our team consisting of Dr. George Zhang and Dr. Chua Chun Kiang met up with Dr. Stephen Stein, head of the NIST Mass Spectral Library division. The Mass Spectral Library is an invaluable resource for ChemoPower, and we are privileged to have an opportunity to share how we utilize it in our proprietary SmartDalton and MoleculeDB software.

Dr. Stein is also one of the pioneers of AMDIS (Automated Deconvolution and Identification System), a system for identifying compounds using GC-MS, similar to our own SmartDalton technology. We were happy to share the insights and techniques we used in the development of our own software.

Already the authorized distributor for the NIST MS Library, ChemoPower is excited to be able to continue our mutually beneficial collaboration with NIST. This visit will be a significant milestone for our cooperation.


Dr. Stephen Stein and Dr. George Zhang

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