ChemoPower Presents At USP’s USA Headquarters

On 20th August, ChemoPower was invited by USP (United States Pharmacopeia) to present at their headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. USP is the publisher of the annual drug data compendium of the same name, which establishes the quality standards applicable to many medicines and dietary supplements.

Although USP does not directly oversee the enforcement of these standards, they do work closely with organizations that do enforce them, such as the FDA. This allows them to act as an intermediary between these regulatory organizations and individual drug production firms, giving them an important role in the industry.

Chemopower’s team, consisting of Dr. George Zhang and Dr. Chua Chun Kiang, presented on “Breakthrough in Traditional Analysis: Discover More with Mass Spectrometry”, during which the capabilities of ChemoPower’s 2 proprietary software, SmartDalton and MoleculeDB, were demonstrated. The presentation was useful and informative in showing USP the benefits of using our technology, and represents a milestone for us to extend our reach with an established American organization.

ChemoPower is grateful to USP for the very fruitful exchange of information between our two companies, and we hope for further collaboration in the future.


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