ChemoPower and A*Star IMRE Entered into a 2-year long Research Collaboration to Modernize Traditional Medicine

In July 2017, ChemoPower and A*Star IMRE formally entered into a 2-year long research collaboration to develop an automated end-to-end chemical fingerprinting process for various traditional medicine herbs. This automated process will enable ChemoPower to easily and rapidly establish a comprehensive database of the chemical fingerprints of various traditional medicine herbs. Starting with analyzing and obtaining the chemical fingerprints of all the ginseng types in the world, ChemoPower will increase the number of herbs in their database. Having a comprehensive traditional medicine database is one of the best ways to ascertain the quality as well as combat adulteration and counterfeiting of medicinal plant products, which is a global problem, especially in developing areas such as Africa, Latin America, and Asia. “The WHO (World Health Organization) estimated that as many as 30 percent of medicines sold in some Asian areas are adulterated, and the occurrence of incorrect species as medicinal herb substitutes in Brazilian markets may be as high as 71 percent.”


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