ChemoPower’s OCAS Outperforming Agilent’s MassHunter in Peak Deconvolution!

The cutting edge technology behind OCAS makes it one of the best software in the world in deconvoluting GC-MS peaks. In a head to head comparison, ChemoPower’s Online Chemical Analysis System (OCAS) has outperformed Agilent’s MassHunter software, especially in the area of peak deconvolution for complex, co-eluted peaks. Overall, OCAS returned results that are more accurate and precise results than MassHunter (refer to illustration below). What’s more, OCAS is much easier to use and accessible anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, OCAS can deal with unknown compounds that are not available in the library. More information about the comparison between OCAS and MassHunter can be found here.

Agilent is the world’s leading company in manufacturing and sales of GC-MS instruments.

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