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Using Chemometrics Algorithm to Identify Chemical Composition of a Mixture

Mass spectrometry is a common analytical technique used to identify the chemical compounds present in a mixture. However, for this technique, compounds of similar masses tend to show up in the mass spectrum as co-eluted, where the peaks of the compounds are mixed together. This makes it difficult to differentiate individual compounds within these peaks, necessitating complex and expensive pre-treatment of the sample to physically separate the compounds. In addition, current techniques are unable to determine the composition of an unknown mixture if no prior information is available to analyze the data.

To this end, ChemoPower developed a software that can reconstruct pure components’ spectra and its concentration without prior information using solely experimental data, without any simulation or peak matching. Our solution is built on the foundation of chemometrics: mathematical techniques based on statistics and optimization method to find local/global optima of a system and is crystallized from the knowledge of 200+ International Journals on chemometrics related algorithms. The founding team was awarded the Gold Award for the High Performance Computing (HPC) Quest 2003 in Singapore, hosted by IBM.

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Time Savings

Digitally separate compounds in mixtures up to 100 times faster. This replaces the hours spent in the lab tuning the equipment to physically separate the compounds.

Enhanced Capabilities

Identify unknown components in mixtures without any a priori information which the existing methods are incapable of.

Simplify Process

Reduce manpower required by simplifying and automating analysis process such that results can be obtained by a few clicks of the mouse.

Universal Compatibility

Our software can work very well with data from 7 major brands of Mass Spectrometer.

Available online, 24/7

We provide our software on the cloud such that any one can access it anywhere, anytime.


1) Requires only inexpensive equipment with basic functions
2) Low consumable and running cost
3) Do not need highly skilled professionals to operate

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We are Experts in Chemical Composition Information, Whether for Known and Unknown Compounds!

The Authority for Chemical Composition Analysis

ChemoPower Technology Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company which aims to be an information-technology company with a mission to modernise Traditional Medicines through evidence-based science. Our vision is to build a Traditional Medicine Information-Technology Center, which is:

  • 1. A globally recognised resource with a comprehensive databank for the chemical fingerprints of Traditional Medicines

  • 2. At the forefront for the discovery of new compound structure or active ingredient in Traditional Medicine

  • 3. The authority for traditional medicine QA/QC standards


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