Develop World's Best GC-MS/LC-MS Analytical Software
Provide Support to Major GC-MS/LC-MS Manufacturers
Systematically Herbs Composition Database
Big Data Analysis for Herbs/Traditional Medicines
Consumer Indexes for Traditional Medicines/Herbs
Super Fast Chemical Analysis Service On Biomarker,
Generics Drug, Metabolites and Herb.
100+ time faster than current technologies
Evaluation Copy / 测试版

Patented Software Deconvolutes Trace Compounds in Seconds! 专利软件,弹指间即可发现极痕量成分!

Normal Version 2.0, validate for 45 days once account is activated. Please contact ChemoPower for User ID and Password. This version works on most companies' GC-MS data and some of LC-MS data.

通用版 2.0,激活账户后45天有效期,能用于大多数的企业的GC-MS和部分的LC-MS数据。请联系ChemoPower,以取得账号和密码。

Shimadzu Version 2.0, validate for 90 days once account is activated. Please contact Shimadzu China / Shimadzu Asia Pacific for User ID and Password. This version only works on Shimadzu GC-MS and LC-MS data.

岛津专用版 2.0,激活账户后90天有效期,只能用于岛津的GC-MS和LC-MS的数据。请联系岛津中国 和 岛津亚太,以取得账号和密码。

How to install: Unzip and run the exe file to install. How to export data to CDF format: You can check our guide here. (Appendix 3) Hardware and Software Requirement: 1) 64-bit Windows Operation System, 32-bit operation system and Linux operation system are NOT supported. 2) Display Resolution: 1366 x 768 and Above. 3) Internet accessible. if a strict firewall is being used, our server IP address must be put in the firewall's whitelist. 4) Works on GC-MS and LC-MS Experimental Data.

安装方法 解压后双击exe文件安装。 如何将数据导出为CDF格式 您可以点击这里查看我们的教程。(附录三)(英文) 软件安装要求 1)64-bit的微软 Windows 操作系统,不支持32-bit操作系统和linux系统。 2)显示分辨率:1366 x 768 或者以上。 3)电脑能够连接外网。如果您有严格的网络访问限制,请将我们的服务器地址放入白名单。 4)应用于GC-MS和LC-MS实验数据。

  • We Are the Authority for Chemical Composition Analysis

    We use mathematical models to reconstruct pure components’ spectra and its concentration without prior information, using solely experimental data without any simulation or peak matching. We are Experts in Chemical Composition Information, Whether for Known and Unknown Compounds.

  • We Help You to Find Ultra-Trace & Unknown Components Easily

    Previously, find the trace and unknown compounds can be a troublesome task. Irrelevant components in the sample will always obstruct you from getting the truth. Now, our deconvolution technology will help you to break the old detection limit effortlessly, and spot the trace and ultra-trace compounds even within the noise.

  • Save Time and Cost Significant, Hush Free

    No GC-MS or LC-MS method development is needed, even for complex sample, with the help of ChemoPower's deconvolution software.

  • We Are Aiming to Modernize Traditional Medicines Through Evidence-Based Science.

    Our vision is to build a Traditional Medicine Information-Technology Center, which is a globally recognised resource with a comprehensive databank for the chemical fingerprints of Traditional Medicines, We aim to reach the forefront for the discovery of new compound structure or active ingredient in Traditional Medicine, and to become the authority for traditional medicine QA/QC standards.

  • We Apply User-Oriented Design to All of Our Products.

    We are not only technicians but also scientists. All of our products are designed to simplify and speed up your research and development. Data analysis can be 100 times faster with only several clicks.

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ChemoPower’s unique patented deconvolution software for GC-MS / LC-MS data
FIRST in the World!


SmartNIST was developed by ChemoPower to enhance the user experience on library searching and compound matching process with NIST libraries.

Molecule DB™

ChemoPower’s latest innovation – Molecule DB - A chemical database builder

Our Services

Data Analysis Service

World's fastest qualitative and quantitative analysis service on:

  • GC-MS data interpretation
  • LC-MS data interpretation
  • Full profiling analysis
  • Known & unknown chemical identification

Herb Data Inquire Service

herbs standard database. From the database, various data can be inquired, including:

  • Molecular library for certain herb
  • Chemical composition of herbs
  • Big data analysis on various aspects

Universal Chemical Analyses Platform

We are building a universal platform offers following services:

  • Quick biomarker analyses
  • Quick generics drug analyses
  • Quick metabolites analyses
  • Quick herb/TCM Analyses

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